WomanSavers has been the leader in date screening since 2002, making us the first and most established of its kind. If only there were a way you could talk to men`s exes BEFORE you got involved and be able screen your dates free and easily. Well, now you can "Research & Rate B4 U Date" to promote safer dating worldwide. Millions of women have posted their experiences networking together to help share information. Database postings and e-mail addresses are strictly confidential and we do not share or sell your information to anyone.

Womansavers is an online search engine database and networking forum for women and men seeking information about relationships, dating, sex, problems, marriage, divorce and safety. Registered members share their experiences with each other through open communications.

Website highlights include message boards, chat, discount travel, relationship advice from experts, relationship polls, custom created relationship ecards, custom relationship astrology and tarot, infidelity statistics, signs of cheating men, tips on how to catch a cheater and reasons why men cheat and lie.

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